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This project presents scenery-related light art works on the lookout posts of the Irish Defence Force's Coast Watching Service. These LOPs, were built between 1939 and 1942 in the Republic of Ireland. The two principal goals of the project are to examine the effect of artistic light projections interacting with the surrounding landscapes, and the photographic recording of these effects.

The LOPs – the scope of the light projections are a group of identical edifices built along the coast of Ireland. The soldiers serving at these posts were responsible for the coastal observation of the Second World War off Ireland shores. The Coast Watching Service assisted the preservation of Ireland's neutrality during World War II. At the end of the war the edifices were abandoned. Their largely sound structures still stand in mostly unpopulated coastal areas.

Today the significance of these buildings has almost been forgotten. The uniform, functional and minimalist architecture as well as the surreal appearance of the LOPs in barren, forsaken landscapes inspires to emphasise the effect of these artificual edifice by means of static light projections. The projections will artistically reflect the surreal appearance and situation of the buildings. In the first phase, the thematic content will be selected and extensively prepared before being adapted on site to the actual Look Out Posts. The impressions evoked by the surroundings and their historical backgrounds will influence theme of each particular projection. In addition, digital projection technology will enable a secondary level of perception for each site. Scenery colours and forms, light moods and social aspects relevant to thelocations will also be part of the overall implementation of the light projections.

The photographic archiving of the projections will deliberately take place in the evening, using twilight as an instrument to balance perception of the interactions between each projection and its surroundings. Furthermore, the perspective form which the photographs will be taken will influence the awareness and the dramatic effect of the entire location. The creation of these snapshots, each depicting the fusion between light and scenery, will keep the project accessible as a permanent art exhibit. In addition, the record of this light art project should also serve as a reminder of the history of these derelict and almost forgotten buildings.

The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH) voted the lookout posts for the “Building of the Month” in January 2014. Therefor Tim Schmelzer described on the NIAH website www.buildingsofireland.ie detailed his light art roject. Radio Österreich 1 (Ö1) and the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) have also published articles about the project on their website. Read more on follow links.


In August 2013 RTE, Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster, made a filmed interview about Tim Schmelzer´s light artworks in Ireland. Therefore Tim Schmelzer made an exclusive light projection on the lookoutpost 40 near Brandon in Kerry.  The interview was broadcasted by Nationwide with Anne Cassin in November 2013.